Who We Serve

Estate Planning

Estate planning help is something for everyone. Yes, everyone can benefit.  Let us explain why all successful estate planning includes a good look at your family, your situation and your needs. 

The Clients whom we can help most with Estate Planning fall into three broad categories:

  1. Young Couples and Individuals – It is very important for newly married couples or couples having their first child to put a foundational plan in place.  This starts good habits and a relationship with Smith Barid ensures that your plans will be reviewed and revised as your children grow and your life changes.
  2. People in Transition – For people who have faced a major life event like the loss of a spouse, a divorce, retirement or the loss of a parent, it’s important to sit down with an attorney, review the current plans you have in place and revise those plans to fit your new situation.
  3. Highly Successful Individuals – For wealthy individuals who face issues with asset protection, income and estate tax and business succession, we offer sophisticated and creative approaches.

Many people think that they are not wealthy and therefore don’t need an estate plan.  An estate though is quite simply everything that you own.  Anyone over the age of eighteen (18) who owns any assets at all owes it to their friends and family to have an estate plan that clearly spells out their wishes in the event of death or disability.  Without a plan in place, the government decides how your assets are distributed and to whom.  Through a collaborative and consultative approach, our attorneys can help you craft an estate plan which fits your particular situation.  We seek to get to know you, your family, your assets and your particular situation before we prescribe what medicine you need.  By taking the time to understand what your particular needs are, we can craft and help implement a plan that will appropriately serve you and your family.

Elder Law

In our Elder Law practice, we help people who typically are 65 years of age or older and have concerns about managing the staggering cost of long term medical care (independent living, assisted living, home care and nursing home care).  Our unique approach to the legal issues facing seniors ensures that you will receive sound advice and a clear roadmap for handling your future long term care needs.  We work with individuals and families from a diverse set of backgrounds and socio-economic levels to help protect their assets and get them the financial assistance they need to meet the challenges of long term care.  We often work with veterans of our nation’s military who have served in World War II, Korea or Vietnam to secure Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits to offset their costs of care.  We also assist clients with navigating the maze of Medicaid benefits.

Special Needs Planning

Our special needs planning practice focuses on assisting families with special needs to create a plan to care for their special needs family member after they’re gone. Often, government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income are an important part of the support network for individuals with special needs.  Without the right type of plans in place, those benefits are jeopardized by the receipt of an inheritance or gift from a family member.  We assist clients with creating comprehensive plans to protect their special needs loved one long after they’re gone.

Smith Barid, LLC serves individuals, families and businesses from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life.  

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses who see a need for putting in place a comprehensive plan to ease the burden when there’s a death or disability. If you want to make sure that your family is taken care of in the event death or disability, we can help.  If you have a disabled child and want to ensure that they have proper care after you are gone, we can help.  If you want to ensure the orderly transition of your business to the next generation or to a new owner, Smith Barid, LLC can help you.  If you want to ensure that the bulk of your assets go to your family or the charity of your choice and not the government, we are here to help.  In all of these situations, we can craft custom solutions tailored to address the issues that concern you most.  If you have a nontraditional family and are concerned that children from different marriages are treated fairly, we will create a solution which makes sure everyone is treated fairly.  If you are part of a same sex relationship and need to assure that your partner is treated fairly in the event you become disabled or die, we can help.

You can find out more about the process we use and how we can help you, by visiting the Our Approach page. There, you will find exact details regarding what you can expect when working with us.

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