A Collaborative Approach

a collaborative approach to estate planningThe typical estate planning consultation begins with an attorney sitting down with a potential client, yellow legal pad in hand. This blank slate approach runs the risk of leaving out critical information that can cause mistakes in the planning. We believe in utilizing a well developed process that we have honed and refined over our thirty plus years of combined experience to help you make decisions about what type of planning is appropriate for your situation and your family  We further believe that a collaborative approach brings the best results for our clients.  We work closely with our clients, their family members, their financial advisors and their accountants to create plans that will address the client’s unique and specific estate planning and elder law needs both now and in the future.   Every client has a different situation and creating the right plan requires the collaboration of all of a client’s advisors.  Since the legal landscape is constantly changing, we build each plan with as much flexibility as we can.  In this way, we ensure that the plan will address our client’s needs now and can adapt to changing circumstances.  We also want to serve clients who want a lasting relationship with their legal advisors.  Unlike most estate planning attorneys who view the estate plan as a one time transaction, we meet with clients regularly to review their plans and make sure that the plan we created years ago adequately meets their current needs.  Read more to find out about our process in each of our specific practice areas.