Elder Law

Elder Law AttorneysA qualified elder law attorney can help you and your family find peace of mind about the staggering costs of long term care.  We help seniors and their families with legal issues specific to those age 65 and older. One of the most serious challenges facing seniors today is how to pay for the costs of medical care.  If you fail to plan for long term medical expenses, you can have your life’s savings wiped out.  Qualifying for Medicaid or other government benefits potentially available to you like Veterans Aid and Attendance can mean the difference between losing your life’s savings and living comfortably through your golden years.  The elder law attorneys at Smith Barid, LLC focus on helping older Americans plan for their long term care.  Through our knowledge of government benefit programs like Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance and our experience in helping other families plan, we can help you and your family come up with a plan to pay for your medical needs and protect your life’s savings. We also help seniors with estate planning and guardianship issues.  If you or your parents need a durable power of attorney (be sure to ask us what an Enhanced Durable Power of Attorney is) or an advanced directive for healthcare, we can help.  If you have a loved one who is unable to manage their own affairs, we can assist you with obtaining a guardianship and/or conservatorship so that you can help them.

The Long Term Care Planning Report

Our firm takes a unique approach to the Long Term Care Planning Process.  You wouldn’t ask a doctor to diagnose a disease without the opportunity to examine the patient and consider their medical history. Likewise, it seems crazy for an elder law attorney to lay out a plan for you to navigate the complicated landscape of long term care planning without taking an in depth look at you, your medical situation, your income and assets and your projected long term care needs.  Most lawyers would sit down with you in a thirty minute meeting, propose a plan to you and take your money without a full understanding of your needs and issues.  We’ve learned that this seat-of-the-pants approach often leads to unsatisfactory results when that crucial bit of unknown information derails the entire plan.  We don’t work that way.  Find out more about our unique approach here. For more information on specific benefits programs, click on the links below: